Cursillo de Cursillos… what is it?


Cursillo de Cursillos
Opportunities & Benefits

Cursillo de Cursillos, what is it? Simply stated, it is a course on the Foundational Charism of Cursillo for Cursillistas who are searching for something beyond the Cursillo Weekend course. In order to help Cursillistas with a thorough knowledge of the Charism, a special course called Cursillo de Cursillos was developed by Eduardo Bonnín.

Cursillo de Cursillos is a course that has provided Cursillistas with a treasure of knowledge and a living experience of what is essential in the mentality, purpose, and methodology of the Movement. The course is offered to those Cursillistas who have the desire to be effective Christian leaders. This course has provided many Cursillistas with an opportunity to discover the immense possibilities that Cursillo has to offer the person and the Church.

Cursillo de Cursillos has helped many Cursillistas delve into the technical elements of the Movement in light of its Charism. This course uses a schedule and format similar to the Cursillo Weekend. The course begins on Thursday evening and concludes on Sunday evening. A total of 15 Rollos and 5 Meditations are presented by a team of laity and clergy. Each Rollo presented is followed by a discussion within each ‘decuria’ or table group. Sufficient time is allotted for questions and answers at the end of each Rollo. Each day creates a different environment in and through the participation of the Cursillistas in friendship. The weekend provides a relaxing atmosphere with plenty of time for breaks, reflection, personal contact, and daily Eucharist.

Besides an increased knowledge of the Charism of Cursillo, the participants have enjoyed the opportunity to strengthen and renew friendships, make new friends, share and learn from one another personal
experiences in discipleship and leadership. Cursillistas have also enjoyed the opportunity to nurture and deepen the three essential encounters with self, Christ, and others that were discovered during the Cursillo Weekend. Similar to the Cursillo Weekend, the Cursillo de Cursillos must be a personal experience in order to take advantage of its opportunities and benefits.

Cursillistas have responded enthusiastically to the truth and simplicity of Cursillo in light of its Charism and through God’s grace, they are inspired to return to their School of Leaders, Ultreyas, and environments to live, witness, and communicate the Good News that God loves us. This inspiration or response is evident in the Cursillistas as they listen, reflect, share, and freely embrace the true Charism of Cursillo!

To-date, Cursillo de Cursillos is the most effective course available for Cursillistas wanting to learn about the Charism. I sincerely encourage the Secretariat in every diocese of the 12 regions in the United States to ask their Regional Coordinator to provide a Cursillo de Cursillos for their community. The goal of Cursillo is to communicate God’s love through friendship in the moveable square meter where God has
placed us at this exact moment. Make the decision today to attend a Cursillo de Cursillos and allow the Charism of Cursillo to form you, inform you, and transform you. Christ is still counting on you!

In Friendship!

Cef Aguillon
National English Coordinator
The Cursillo Movement
August 20, 2014