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Dear Cursillistas and those interested in Cursillo,

We, the NH Cursillo Secretariat, were thrilled with the turnout at our latest NH Cursillo Day of Reflection on Mercy, held at the St. Joseph Cathedral on April 2, 2016.  There were 114 attendees.

In looking forward to other events, we would greatly appreciate your input as to what your preferences are for topics of discussion, location(s), time(s) of year, and whether you prefer a weekend or one day retreat.

Please complete this brief survey so that we may better serve your interests.

How did you hear about the Day of Reflection?
How far did you travel?
What topics would you most like to see discussed?
Where would you prefer to attend events like this?
Do you prefer a weekend or one day retreat?

--There is, of course, a significant cost for a weekend retreat, due to a need for lodging and meals.  We are able to provide the day-long retreat at minimal, with a request to bring your own lunches.--
Is cost and/or transportation a factor in your attendance?
Is Cursillo active in your community?
If you have not lived a cursillo weekend, would you like more information how you can?
Enter your Name, email and Phone below and someone will contact you.
Any additional comments would be appreciated.


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