SOL – January / June 2015

Synopsis of School of Leaders Presentations

January 31, 2015


June 20, 2015

Part of SOL’s mission is to train team members.  The purpose of team meetings is primarily to build community through group reunion, prayer, and brain storming/planning the weekend to come.  Learning more about the mechanics and Method of Cursillo is best done at SOL, not team meetings.  The better we all understand the complete range of rollos on the weekend,
the more comprehensively we can present any particular rollo when on team.

What we will be doing is outlining the rollos, the highlights and most important points that should be included in any rollo.  We will also give background and point out how the order of the rollos should impact the candidates (and team) as they are delivered.  There really is a method to the HS’s inspiration to our Founder, E. Bonnin and others.  Remaining authentic to the developed Method insures Not only the authenticity of the weekend for all, but a connection to our forebears.

The central message of the Cursillo is sanctifying Grace and the opening for conversion, and this formative task will be completed in the PostCursillo (4th Day).  The purpose of the Cursillo is the “conversion” of the world, one person at a time, if need be. But, in order for Cursillistas to accept and spread the message of Cursillo, change/conversion in them must come first…

A Cursillo weekend is divided into 4 main parts:  Thursday is Preparation (The Initial rector/a talk gives the logistics and the meditations get them thinking), Friday is Proclamation (What is fundamental for being an active Christian person as a member of the Body of Christ), Saturday is Conversion (How to live what is fundamental by drawing closer to Christ and changing our mentality), and Sunday is Insertion (The particular method is presented on how to be an effective apostle in the world and in friendship/community)

Each day of the 3 Day weekend has a specific theme: Thursday evening Meditations and prayer set the tone for Friday’s theme- Encounter with self, as the Ideal, Layperson in the Church, and Piety rollos will explain. We will mention God’s call to each of us in Grace and our response in Grace in the 2 spiritual rollos.  Friday is also like “Good Friday” where we, like Jesus, die to self and selfishness, and start to think about who we really are as Christians.  We begin to
question how Jesus sees us in the Friday morning Meditation and then proceed to the Ideal rollo, etc., and the redirection of our lives to what is fundamental to being an authentic Christian, and directing our whole life to God. This first day message is the basis for the rest of Cursillo- Accept the Christian Ideal.

Saturday’s theme is Encounter with Jesus, my Brother and Friend (or Holy Saturday in the tomb) where we encounter Jesus in very real and truth-filled ways, in Study and Sacraments, to draw us closer to Him. Through Action, and Leaders, we are challenged to bring Him to others.  We also see our limitations and need for Jesus because sin, or Obstacles to Grace, are ever present.  Our conduct must conform to Christ’s teachings so that we become Christ-like.

Sunday’s theme is Encounter with Others (or Easter Sunday).  Just as Jesus burst forth from the tomb, we are to burst forth from our cocoon at the Ritz Sarto and bring Christ to others in our environments through the use of the entire Cursillo Method, but concentrating on piety, study, and action in community with others in small groups and Ultreya.  The need for community and the need to evangelize are strongly emphasized and encouraged, and that the possibility for
apostolic success is possible.  Christ entrusts each of us with the treasure of His redeeming blood, so that we can go and bear fruit abundantly.  Our Apostolic action will be the fruit that Christ expects of us, so we must emphasize and challenge all candidates to “go and make a difference”-  to be the “vanguards of Christianity.”

Everything we do should be for Christ.  As members of the Mystical Body through our common baptism, we are all called to our role as prophets, to bring the Word of God and the Gospel message that God loves us, to everyone.

Two final points re: the rollos- Each of them has a definite purpose and are not intended to present all of Christian doctrine.  Each is presented in a progression, like building blocks, so that the concepts presented in each help us to understand the inspired intent of our founders- what is fundamental to being a Christian and how to live in friendship with others to transform the world.

The following 10 summaries of each presentation should give everyone who reads them a better understanding of the rollo’s purpose and a good handle on what to include in a rollo presentation.

De Colores.


Rollo #1 – Ideal

*  First rollo of the weekend-sets the tone for all to come

*  Follows the three Mediations- Know Yourself, The Prodigal Son/Father, The Three Glances of
how Christ sees them now

*  It is the “Pre-evangelization” rollo about what being fully human is all about

*  It fills the candidates with the conviction that we must all have an ultimate Ideal

*  Humans have ultimate value and superiority in the hierarchy of creation.  They have
intellect, will, and self-determination/freedom.  They have aspirations to achieve, not
instincts, and the drive to make goals a reality, as well as their ultimate ideal

*  What is an Ideal? Ideas and aspirations that center our lives and drive our efforts into

*  Ideals can evolve over time with maturity

*  Without an ideal, life is meaningless.  They allow us to improve and grow and perfect

*  Rollo is presented mostly in the third person, but at the end it shifts to the first person,
with the question – What is Your Ideal?  How do you spend your time to achieve your ideal?

*  It urges them on to perfection.

*  This is the only secular rollo (no mention of God), but it then leads to the second rollo-
Habitual Grace, which calls them into a holy relationship with God

*  Activity sheet is an eye opener on how we spend our 24/7


Rollo #2 – Layperson in the Church

*  Ideal rollo discussed the issue of being truly human and how to exercise one’s freedom.

* Habitual Grace discussed God’s call to friendship/relationship to make us more fully human through holiness

*  The candidates now need to feel the importance of the personal call to the apostolic Mission
of Jesus in their own lives

*  They are still confronting themselves on Day 1 and are trying to figure out who God is, and
what His plan is for their lives

*  Rollistas should be enthusiastic over their unique call in the Mission, but the purpose of
this rollo is to grasp the Mission of the whole Church in the world- it is meant to show the
greatness of the Christian Ideal

*  Each layperson is called to be a living testimony of the Gospel in his/her daily life

*  Not all are living in grace right now, but with the help of new friendships on the weekend
that are being established, and the newness of the truths being presented, they can embrace the

*  The Church is not wood and stone, but the people who live the message of the Gospel- The
Mystical Body of Christ

*  Clergy and laity both have their vocation/role in the Mission of Jesus Christ to the world

*  Laity are light, salt, and leaven to restore and sanctify the world in their family, work,
play, all environments

*  Laity must truly live the Gospel message to be effective in their apostolate

*  Christ must be the reason we do everything and we must live, breathe, ooze Christ to all


Rollo #3 – Piety

•  Objectives of the Rollo
o Call for a “metanoia” (CHANGE)
o Accept the Christian Ideal
o Point out false concepts of piety
o Establish true concepts of piety
o Demonstrate the truths revealed in the Actual Grace Rollo
o Demonstrate that a life in Grace is possible, true, and appealing
o Sets the stage for the rest of the Cursillo

•  Context
o Last Rollo of Day 1 (Friday) and Completes Phase 1 (Encounter with Self)
o Reveals first leg of the stool
o Usually presented after first round of Palanca are distributed
o Cursillistas are beginning to wonder how they can manage to apply Rollos in their own lives

•  Key Messages of the Rollo
o Piety is a journey
o Getting to heaven is an ideal, but authentic piety is a tool for getting there
o Piety is an important part of Evangelization

•  Key Techniques for Delivering the Rollo
o Use your personal testimony (positive and negative) to show your conversion
o Use light humor, particularly for the false concepts of piety
o Be strong, vibrant, and natural – no shrinking violets

•  Dissecting the Rollo
o False Concepts of Piety
o Authentic Piety
o Piety is knowing the Kingdom of God
o Piety is an Ideal
o Styles and elements of Piety
o The call to perfection


Rollo #4 – Study

*  This is the first Rollo on Saturday and the second leg of the tripod

*  Study is an important tool to learn and discover our humanity and to know God

*  Once in a relationship with Jesus, study is the process to discover when He wants for us.

*  A witness rollo showing the Cursillista what we do on a daily basis to learn, study and grow
in our Christian life through Jesus words.

*  Study is the way we learn…not the purpose…explain all the ways to learn

*  Also to learn that we are human with faults and study is a way to understand that we have
these moments of pride, sinfulness…that through study, how to correct them.

*  Piety enters the cursillistas heart by a way of enthusiasm…Study is able to enter in a way
of showing what is the truth….and to destroy prejudices and false presentations of the truth.

*  The Study rollo is meant to be a key rollo in the process of conversion.   A call to
metanoia and a change in the mentality of a person…

*  Through Study, the only test we take…is the test of perseverance!  Becoming stronger in our
belief of the Lord.

*  It is then, that the cursillista can continue on confidently and bravely to the Third leg of
the tripod…which is  Action!!


Rollo #5 – Action

The Action rollo (Apostolic Action)  is the third leg of the tripod. This rollo follows the
spiritual advisor’s Sacrament rollo and is before the Obstacles to Grace rollo. The Sacrament
rollo presents Jesus’ great commandment: the message of Love. Love of God with your whole mind (study),with your whole heart (piety) and with your whole strength/soul (action). The Action
rollo is about striving to be an authentic Christian. The focus is on Christian Love and
relationships with others. The Action rollo and the Leaders rollo will help to transition the
cursillista to the third day as we shift from the head to the will.

Action is the natural result of Piety and Study. Christian Action (love) is not manipulated. It
is the giving of one’s self to another for the purpose of the other to mature and to have a
conversion.  This rollo introduces the method of Make a friend; Be a friend : Bring that friend
to Christ through Apostolic Action.

DEFINED:  Action – exercising a power; Human Action – exercising our human power (head,
will, senses) to reach our Ideals; Apostolic Action – to be instruments of the Lord so that
through any action we move our brothers & sisters closer to Christ

Need For Action: To communicate Christ as- Internal & vital for us; External & vital for
others; and Essential for the Church

Elements: All formed by the Heart (love)
Head: intelligence;  Will: decision;  Arms: action;  Knees: prayer & sacrifice

Qualities: Rational; Resolute, bold & sure;  Enthusiastic; Constant; Supernatural,
trusting in God, Apostolic, to be an Apostle

Apostolic Methods:
– Make friends-Look for them, Look for those open to change; Find them; Get close

– Be friends – Live the truth, Be interested in them, Be cheerful & optimistic, Support them, Be
understanding, Love them supernaturally-speak to them about Christ

– Make them friends with Christ: For Christ: we look for Him;  With Christ: Living in Grace,
praying, trusting in Him;  In Christ: Living out our Baptism we nurture seed in their soul to
help seeds of faith sprout; Like Christ: Samaritan, Zaccheus “As the Father has sent me, so I send you”(Jn 20:21)


Rollo #6 – Leaders

The Leaders rollo ends the “Encounter with Christ”. Now they’re moving into the 3rd day, the
“Encounter with Others”. Cursillestas are generally living in grace. Those not yet in grace are
experiencing intense internal feeling of discontent.

The main point in the Leaders’ Rollo is helping people realize that leadership is all about
influence and that everybody can influence everyone in their environment.  It should be mostly
a witness Rollo, showing the rollista’s initiative, impact, humanity, failures.  It’s given
last on Saturday, people are tired, and will listen to stories better than data.


– All of us are leaders. Leaders are those who influence others, who throw themselves into
apostolic action with an open and balanced spirit.
– Leaders personify Christ in a clear, live, convincing, and truthful manner.
– Leaders are “agents of change”.
– No matter your personal strengths or shortcomings, you have a message that someone needs to hear and you are the best one to deliver it.
– Leaders have certain qualities: values, determination, perseverance, humanity.
– Leaders influence their environment: show initiative, are listened to, attract people. They
know what they want, why they want it, and how they’ll achieve it.
– Leaders must know the ideal and the reality. Love and friendship call for wishing the best
for others, and it’s faith and knowledge of the objective ideal that tells us what is best.
– Leaders have the natural qualities of discipline, warmth, initiative, and generosity. A human
personality centered on Christ.
– Leaders must have the supernatural qualities of faith, humility, hope, and love.
– A leader “prays as though everything depends on God and acts as though everything depends on them.”
– Someone has sent them to Cursillo because that person envisions this man or woman as a leader in the home, parish, workplace, what have you. Each of us can be a leader within the unique personality that God gives us. One can lead through meekness or strength. The personality doesn’t matter. The desire to serve Christ does.

“The only way for evil to thrive in this world is for good men to do nothing.”


Rollo #7 – Study of the Environment

This rollo happens after breakfast Sunday morning. People are mostly in a state of overflowing

The purpose of Day 3 is to prepare you for Day 4. Study of Environment is not stuff people have
necessarily ever heard before.


-You will return home knowing something has changed in you, but your family, work, and social
environments will not have changed.
– You will want to bring Christ into these environments.
– It’s not a battle against people. It’s a battle FOR Christ, and against Satan and sin. It’s
not about telling people how bad they are. It’s to tell them the wonder of life in Christ.
– Your environment is that square meter that surrounds you wherever you go. Whatever you bump up against with your square meter, you are to bring Christ in whatever way you can, given the situation and your own talents and abilities.
– Bring Christ in a natural way, being your normal self.
– You can influence your environment in small ways with little or no analysis. For example,
simply saying “I’ll pray for you.”
– But be a Christian soldier; plant seeds boldly.
– Be vigilant in looking for opportunities.
– When you see an opportunity, pray to God for wisdom, guidance, and strength.
– Apostolic Action can be the beginning of friendship.
– Pray to God about your friend before talking to your friend about God.
– Get to know people so you can witness in humility. Your witness will be greatly improved by
knowing your audience well.
– Empty yourself of your own problems and issues and be attentive. Be open and receptive. It’s
about them, not about you.
– Be authentic.
– Don’t try to keep score. If you’re looking for success, you’re going to seek out people who
are friendly, attractive, personable. But there’s no telling who you’re meant to talk to, who
needs you most.
– You don’t need brute strength or special skills. Use the Light of Christ to influence your


Rollo #8 – Christianity in Action

We are called to be a witness as a person, as a Christian, as the church.  In this rollo, the
cursillista is shown by witness how to put the action of being Christian into practice. As a
person lives these points, the doing leads to personal conversion and will have an effect on
the environments they come into at home, work and recreation.

This rollo is presented on the third day of the weekend and follows the spiritual advisor’s
rollo on the Life in Grace. Christianity in Action is a change in title from the past when it
was called Developing Christian Community.

The main point of Christianity in Action is to show how to actively live our Christian faith
with the help of a small group of friends who are striving toward the same goal. The rollo
should bring about the desire of the candidate to want what we all have to offer. This rollo
should provide many examples through witnessing. The Christianity in Action rollo places the
ground work for the final rollo Total Security.

DEFINED: Christianity in Action is a group of grace filled Christians who journey
together in a climate that makes it possible for each one to live and spread the Gospel to the

Breaking down the definition by phrases:
Small Group of Christians – know each other, live together, admire each other as individuals, friends

In Grace– Personal effort, caring for each other, gift from God

Journey Together – sustain each other, encourage each other to be more effective, faithful to God’s commandments

In A Climate that Makes Possible:
1) Action of the Gospel: differences disappear, miracles happen, Every one lives in perennial joy, everything speaks of the Father
2) To live & spread the Gospel: with witness that attracts, gives strength for tasks, removes fear of ridicule, hinders pride of success, is a source of palanca.

How:  Each one doing what they should be doing; Each person in the place & station of life–
Bloom where planted; In friendship groups; In union with all to understand that God loves them;
trust everything to prayer; put everything at stake

To Achieve “Even greater things than these” (JN 1:50):  conversion of people; environments are
Christianized; world is improved; church is enlarged; Dioceses are fortified; All these please

Conclusion: It is truthful; we live it–people are happy, world is more Christian, Christ’s
redemption will be wholly effective


Rollo #9 – The Cursillista Beyond the Cursillo

*  This rollo should NOT be dropped from the weekend schedule

*  It points the way to the 4th Day and the importance of committing to it

*  It is the springboard to the final rollo- Total Security

*  It reinforces all the main points of each rollo and encourages that a life in Grace in all their environments is possible after the 3-Day weekend is finished

*  A witness rollo presented confidently and enthusiastically, to tell them that they must
share their love for God the same way, so that Christ’s mission to sanctify the world will continue through them.

*  They must live the Christian ideal/lifestyle- no couch-potato/luke-warm Christians

*  Two dangers/obstacles to this life are overconfidence (I can do this alone) and underconfidence (I can’t do this!!)

*  Solution is contact with Christ and others (Group Reunion and Ultreya are mentioned but not discussed too much)

*  Cursillistas should have a clear concept of the Ideal, what he/she will do, and how

*  Piety, Study, and Action are the way to “inhale Godliness” and “exhale God’s ways” to others

*  By using the “tripod” and living in friendship with others, they will live the Cursillo Method in “perennial Cursillo”


Rollo #10 – Total Security

*  Formerly known as “Group Reunion and Ultreya,” but latest manual reinstated former name to emphasize the true meaning of the rollo.  This is the keystone/pinnacle rollo of the weekend!!

*  We need to provide the “babe chicks” with a sense of security in their daily lives-that they are not alone when they leave the weekend

*  Rollo is about Group Reunion and Ultreya, but also makes the case for living in friendship with small and large Cursillo community

*  Sponsors must take the responsibility seriously to walk the journey with their candidates and help them find small groups and attend Ultreya

*  Group Reunion and Ultreya shouldn’t be a burden, or one more commitment, but activities that keep Cursillo alive and growing in our lives, and to find that total security we all want in God’s grace

*  Don’t drone on in your presentation- It’s Sunday afternoon after lunch!!

*  Security (Seguro) means sanctuary, safety- like God’s love- we want to help them to secure their life in Grace.

*  Group Reunion- a small group of “true friends” who share their lives in friendship, periodically, to grow in personal holiness and apostolic action

*  Go over Group Reunion sheet- Prayer to the Holy Spirit, Piety (God’s presence), Study (Know God better), Action (Apostolic), plan to meet for social time during the week, end with prayer

*  End this rollo with a role play of Group Reunion at your tables, and show them that they have been living a small group reunion all weekend

*  Ultreya runs basically the same, except the addition of a 4th Day witness, Spiritual Direction/Wrap Up, and prayer, with the Blessed Sacrament, if possible

*  Ultreya is the place where everyone meets in joy and friendship to encourage us to move “onward” (Ultreya in Spanish) on our journey.  Without perseverance in Ultreya, people soon drift away and don’t have the support to sustain them in the coming years through difficulties/challenges

*  This is also the last chance for the rector/a to clarify any issues for the participants, especially re: apostolic action, and community vs individualism.

*  Be a powerful witness to the Method- If you aren’t doing it, how can you be convincing??

*  Group Reunion and Ultreya are also the way that we live perpetually in Cursillo