Roles & Responsibilities

Lay Director: James (Jim) Bruneau                                 Contact Lay Director

    • Will do everything possible to promote a spirit of unity, not only among the members of the Secretariat, but in School of Leaders and throughout the whole Diocesan Cursillo Movement.
    • Will convoke, preside at, prepare and direct agenda for all meetings of the Secretariat.
    • Ensure that members of the Secretariat fulfill their assigned duties.
    • Initiate Pastoral planning.
    • Ask each Rector/a to serve on a Cursillo weekend from a priority list provided by the Secretariat.
    • Provide an Orientation session for each Rector/a prior to the formation of their team.
    • Responsible for announcements at all closings.

Assistant Lay Director: 

    • Will work as an advisor to the Secretariat.
    • Will work with the Lay Director to ensure smooth transition of the Lay Director’s position.
    • Will participate in Secretariat meeting and other Cursillo activities.

School of Leaders: Holly Wentworth

    • Responsible for the development, formation, quality and continuation of a School of Leaders
    • Provide training in the following areas:
    • Team
    • Rector/a support
    • Ultreya Leaders
    • Sponsors
    • Pre-Cursillo
    • 3-Day Weekend
    • Post-Cursillo

Secretary: Andrea Michali

    • Will keep the minutes of all meetings and see to it that they are distributed promptly to all whom shall receive them.
    • Assure that the mailing lists are up-to-date.
    • Responsible for all mailing sent out by the Secretariat.
    • Secretariat Liaison with the 4th Day Newsletter Committee.
    • Committee is responsible for the Publishing of the Newsletter on a quarterly basis.
    • Secretariat Liaison with the e-mail coordinator
    • Coordinator is responsible for establishing an e-mail network and the distribution of messages as directed by the Secretary.

Treasurer: Sandy Hauser

    • Handle the financial matters of the Cursillo Movement in NH.
    • Will do whatever is necessary to ensure that the Movement is financially sound at all times.
    • That all-local, regional and national financial obligations are met.
    • Purchasing agent for all required books, publications and other supplies.

Pre-Cursillo: Sandy Hauser

    • Applications Coordinator
    • Receive applications and screen for eligibility under Secretariat Guidelines.
    • Forward all applications to the Rector/a in a timely manner for the mailing of the invitations.
    • Provide a final list for the candidates envelopes at the closing
    • Review sponsor commitment
    • Evangelization Planning
    • Coordinate activities with Spiritual Renewal Office.

Weekend Coordinator: Matt McSorley

    • Oversee the following sub-committees;
    • Kitchen
    • Kitchen clean-up
    • Volunteer training and scheduling.
    • Supplies
    • Inventory and purchasing list
    • Set up for weekend
    • Breakdown after weekend
    • Candidates envelopes at closing..
    • Will work with the Rector/a and Kitchen Coordinator and avail himself/herself to ensure that each weekend will run smoothly

Post Cursillo: Jim Fortin

    • Insure that the Movement maintains its focus on the various environments within the diocese.
    • Secretariat Liaison for all Post Cursillo activities including Ultreyas, Group Reunions and Days of Renewal.

Spiritual Director: Rev Marc R Montminy

    • To provide spiritual direction and counseling.
    • Instruction on doctrinal matters.
    • Guidance with respect to problems of conscience.

Webmaster & Database: Donald Hamann, Jason Hamann

    • Maintain web, weekend database, and email lists

Palanca Coordinator: Christine Hamann

    • Solicit Palanca for each weekend from the various Cursillo communities. (Diocese, National, International)
    • Send Palanca Letter from NH Cursillo to Various Cursillo communities around the world.