NH Cursillo By-Laws



The Cursillo Movement exists for Jesus Christ. It is one of the many apostolates within the Roman Catholic Church.

Unity of purpose is essential if there is to be a courageous and total service of Jesus Christ through the Cursillo Movement. Individualism halts the advance of the Movement, and in fact, disintegrates it. The Secretariat unifies the Movement on all levels and indicates the path to be followed in essential matters of practical details as indicated in the official literature. However, in all questions of importance it listens to the leaders before deciding what should or should not be done.

The members of The School of Leaders will be in constant dialogue with the Secretariat. The members of the Secretariat, for their part, should recall that the Lord, through their bishop, has given them a most serious responsibility for the implementation of the authentic Cursillo Movement in the Diocese of Manchester. Conscious of each one’s talents, it should coordinate individual contributions into a total effort in support of the Movement in all its phases: Pre-Cursillo, Cursillo and Post-Cursillo. Making decisions is a formidable charge for the Secretariat. All Cursillistas must support it by prayer and Palanca. In guiding the Movement, the Secretariat must be watchful not to create subservience, but to build up the whole Body of Christ.

The Secretariat must determine the potential of the entire Diocesan Movement so that each person may be led to discover his/her individual potential and contribute to the building up of the Kingdom of God. This it should do in love. The Cursillistas who serve the Movement in the Secretariats and Schools of Leaders can best be described as keepers of the flame of the vision of the Founder, Eduardo Bonnín Aguilo, keeping it burning brightly as a beacon for all those whose paths are illuminated by its light. The Secretariats exist in order to simplify, facilitate and make possible the living of everything that is fundamentally Christian and to be the guardians of the purity of the method, divinely inspired and written by our Founder. As such, the members of the (Diocese of Manchester NH) Secretariat are the servants of the servants; their role is to be one of simple service to the Movement.

In this sense, the Secretariat cannot be thought of except as a group reunion whose apostolic plan is the promotion of the Cursillo Movement itself, programmed and carried out with the idea of the greatest service to all.

Just as on the 3-Day Cursillo, priests bear the responsibility for spiritual guidance and laymen regulate its overall functioning, so priest and lay members of the Secretariat will cooperate for furthering the aims and objectives of the Cursillo Movement as a whole.



  1. The name of this Movement shall be THE DIOCESE OF MANCHESTER, NH SECRETARIAT OF THE CURSILLOS IN CHRISTIANITY. In the Diocese of Manchester there shall be only one Secretariat of Cursillos in Christianity, which will be a functional and autonomous movement under the immediate direction of the Bishop and dependent upon him. When other cultural elements are present in the diocesan Movement, adjustments need to be made in the By-Laws for adequate representation and for helping meet bilingual and bicultural needs.


  1. As a group, the members of the Secretariat shall guide and coordinate all phases of the Cursillo Movement in the Diocese of Manchester within the pastoral plan of the bishop.
  2. It shall be the permanent policy of this Secretariat to maintain its affiliation in good standing with the United States Regional and National Secretariats of the Cursillo Movement.


  1. The Secretariat shall be composed of lay people and a priest (or deacon or religious) advisor.
  2. Membership shall be limited to persons who have completed the three-day Cursillo and are living in the Post-Cursillo.
  3. Members shall be elected by the Secretariat itself with the concurrence of the bishop for the stated term of office.
  4. Membership shall be as follows:
    1. Lay Director
    2. Assistant Lay Director
    3. Treasurer
    4. Secretary
    5. Pre-Cursillo Chairperson
    6. Three Day Weekend Cursillo Chairperson
    7. Post-Cursillo Chairperson
    8. Director of The School of Leaders
    9. Spiritual Advisor
    10. Palanca Coordinator
    11. Web Coordinator
  5. Term of office shall be three (3) years commencing with the first meeting of January
  6. Should a vacancy occur in any office of the Secretariat, the Lay Director, in consultation with the Spiritual Advisor, is empowered to fill the un-expired term by appointment. Should the office of Lay Director be vacated, the Secretariat shall fill the un-expired term by appointment.


  1. There shall be regular monthly meetings of the Secretariat, with the date at the discretion of the Secretariat. Special meetings may be called with no less than three (3) days notice to the members of the Secretariat.


  1. Officers shall be elected at the November meeting and take office at the first meeting of January.
  2. A nominating committee of three will be appointed each year by the Lay Director, in consultation with the Spiritual Advisor, consisting of one member of the Secretariat, one active member of The School of Leaders and the Past Lay Director serving as chairperson and the third member.
  3. The nominating committee will be appointed at the August meeting. The committee chairperson will submit at least one name for each position to be filled that year at the November meeting. The names of all nominees for office will be submitted to the Spiritual Advisor prior to the November meeting.
  4. An Assistant Lay Director will be nominated and elected one year prior to the expiration of the Lay Director’s term.
  5. Nominations may be made by any member at the time of the election. The nomination will consist merely of placing the name in nomination. The member must obtain the nominee’s consent and submit the name to the Spiritual Advisor prior to the election.


  1. The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended at any regular or called meeting of the Secretariat by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the entire voting membership and with the approval of the Bishop.
  2. Proposed Amendments may be submitted by any member of the Secretariat, in writing, no less than thirty (30) days prior to the meeting at which they will be discussed and voted upon. The secretary will mail a copy of the proposed amendment to each member of the Secretariat at least ten (10) days prior to such meeting.



  1. The School of Leaders is the cornerstone of the Cursillo Movement, the complement and extension of the Secretariat. The School will be its instrument for the realization of its work. The School will supply the Secretariat with teams of leaders technically and spiritually prepared that they may be the ferment of the Cursillo Movement in the Diocese, since it is on the leaders that the responsibility rests for vitalizing the group reunions and the Ultreyas, the specific means of perseverance in the Post-Cursillo.
  2. It is intended that in the future only members of the School of Leaders shall be eligible for appointment to the Secretariat.
  3. The Secretariat shall implement the Cursillo Movement in the Diocese of Manchester according to that which is essential and fundamental as outlined in the official literature of the Movement.


  1. LAY DIRECTOR: The Lay Director, in consultation with the Spiritual Advisor, shall convoke, preside at, direct and prepare agendas for all meetings of the Secretariat. He/she shall do everything possible to promote a spirit of unity, not only among the members of the Secretariat, but in the School of Leaders and throughout the whole Diocesan Cursillo Movement. He/she shall see to it that each fellow member of the Secretariat fulfills his/her assigned duties. He/she shall present an annual report and interim reports as necessary to the bishop in the name of the Secretariat. The Lay Director shall serve for three (3) years and for a serious reason may be reelected for another term of office. He/she may not serve more than two (2) consecutive terms.
  2. TREASURER: The treasurer shall handle the financial matters of the Cursillo Movement. He/she shall do whatever is necessary to ensure that the Movement is financially sound at all times and that local, regional and national financial obligations are met. He/she shall see to it that required books, publications and other supplies which are needed by the Movement are available. The term of office shall be three (3) years and he/she may serve for one successive term.
  3. SECRETARY: The secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings and see to it that they are distributed promptly to all who should receive them. He/she shall see to it that mailing lists are up-to-date and assume responsibility for all mailings sent out by the Secretariat. He/she shall perform other duties usually connected with this office. The term of office shall be three (3) years and he/she may serve for one successive term.
  4. PRE-CURSILLO: The Pre-Cursillo chairperson shall study and propose to the Secretariat the plan of establishment and extension of the Cursillo Movement in the Diocese; maintain a file of all applications; assist all leaders in implementing the Pre-Cursillo phase of the Movement according to the official literature, especially in the study of environments to be evangelized. The term of office shall be three (3) years and he/she may serve one successive term.
  5. THREE DAY WEEKEND: The Three Day Weekend Chairperson shall help all leaders to carry out perfectly all that is required on the three day Cursillo according to the official literature, and assemble the 4th day packets. He/she will assist with kitchen coordination. The term of office shall be three (3) years and he/she may serve one successive term.
  6. POST-CURSILLO: The Post-Cursillo chairperson shall for the benefit of all Cursillistas promote the essential means of perseverance (group reunion and Ultreya) and establish fundamental standards for managing the same according to official literature; working with the secretary, publish or distribute pertinent material for the information and orientation of the Cursillistas; gather the necessary statistical data to supply for the Secretariat opportune information concerning the progress of the Movement in the Diocese with particular reference to the environments to be evangelized. The term of office shall be three (3) years and he/she may serve one successive term.
  7. SCHOOL OF LEADERS: The director of the School of Leaders shall be directly responsible for the development, formation, quality and continuation of the School of Leaders in accordance with official literature of the Movement. The term of office shall be three (3) years and he/she may serve one successive term.
  8. ASSISTANT LAY DIRECTOR: The Assistant Lay Director shall be in office for one (1) year prior to assuming the office of Lay Director. During that one year period it is the responsibility of the Assistant Lay Director to learn all he/she can about the operation of the Secretariat in order to effect a smooth transition to the office of Lay Director. In addition, he/she shall assist other members in areas of temporary need.
  9. SPIRITUAL ADVISOR: The Spiritual Advisor shall be appointed by the bishop. In addition to the general responsibility for the whole Cursillo Movement which he shares with the other members of the Secretariat, it shall be his specific responsibility to provide for the apostolic formation of the leaders, to advise the Movement in spiritual matters and to secure the service of priests to work in the various phases of the Movement in their capacity as Spiritual Advisors.
  10. WEB COORDINATOR: The Web Coordinator shall maintain the Official NH Cursillo web presence on the World Wide Web, maintain the Cursillo News email list, the private Secretariat email list, and any other email lists as deemed necessary by the Secretariat. The web shall include such items as the kitchen sign-up calendar, the Cursillo event calendar and timely posting of the weekend candidate lists. The Web Coordinator also maintains the Cursillo Database of Weekends.
  11. PALANCA COORDINATOR: The Palanca Coordinator shall solicit, collect and forward prayer and Palanca offerings for each NH Cursillo weekend held in NH, from individuals and groups from all over the US, Canada and the world. In addition, the Palanca coordinator also sends out Palanca prayer intentions to weekends held all over the US, Canada and the rest of the world.


  1. Liaison shall be established and maintained with the National and Regional Secretariats which bodies shall be supported by the Manchester Cursillo Movement, both spiritually, by way of prayer and Palanca, and materially, by way of financial contributions to the degree required.
  2. The Lay Director or a representative from the Secretariat shall attend the semi-annual Region One Secretariat meetings. Because of the cost required to attend these meetings, the Secretariat shall provide financial assistance in the form of registration fees and an approved mileage cost.
  3. In addition, the Lay Director and Spiritual Advisor or designated alternates shall attend the annual National Encounters of the Cursillo Movement. Because of the cost required to attend these national events, the Secretariat shall provide financial assistance to these two delegates in the form of airline fare and registration fees.


  1. Agenda items for any scheduled meeting should be submitted to the Lay Director fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting date for inclusion in the agenda.
  2. A simple majority of the voting members present shall carry any motion except for amendments to the Constitution or By-laws, which shall require a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the entire voting membership.
  3. Meetings shall be scheduled for two (2) hours and can be extended by a simple majority vote of the members present.
  4. Since the Secretariat is itself a group reunion, there shall be a sharing of piety, study, action and moment closest to Christ on the part of each member at every Secretariat Meeting.
  5. All meetings of the Secretariat shall be open to any Cursillistas.
  6. Robert’s Revised Rules of Order shall be deemed applicable to all deliberations of the Secretariat.


  1. Every member is expected to attend every meeting of the Secretariat. Members are obligated to attend at least fifty percent (50%) of the meetings in any one year period computed from January 1 through December 30 of each year. Any member who cannot fulfill such attendance requirement, unless specifically determined otherwise by the Secretariat, shall be asked to resign from the Secretariat.

All members are to have read and be familiar with the:



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LAY DIRECTOR                                DATE                 SECRETARY                             DATE