School of Leaders

School of Leaders

The purpose of School of Leaders is to empower Cursillistas who will then be better prepared to serve the movement, nourish and enliven their 4th day community. The School of Leaders also provides valuable input to the Secretariat through focus groups that support the three phases of Cursillo.


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What is School of Leaders and Why Have One?

“School” has many different meanings: For Cursillo, “School of Leaders” means: a place where men and women, as “apprentices,” seek ways to imitate the Master, Jesus, as authentic “Schools of holiness” – schools which seek to follow the lead of the first school- the Apostles- who were given the original charge to “Go and make disciples of all nations.”

Since the 3 Day weekend cannot achieve all that the Movement purports, the purpose of the School is to accelerate/broaden the living of what is fundamental for being a Christian in each of its members as individuals, in the Cursillo Movement as a whole, and in the individual environments.  It’s basically “Advanced Cursillo” or Cursillo 202, 303, 404, etc.

The Purpose of the School of Leaders is to help sustain, test and encourage all the Group reunions; to prepare for and perfect the Ultreyas; to train leaders and to start them off; and to introduce people from the Pre-Cursillo into the Post-Cursillo by means of the three days.  The School of Leaders is not established to do things, but to “be” something- a community of service to the Cursillistas, especially in the Post-Cursillo.  Lay team members are ideally chosen from the School of Leaders by the rector/a or from their School group reunion.

This team of leaders:
• Live and understand the method in its three phases so they can lead others.
• Know and live the rollos of the 3 day weekend.
• Are providing and giving life to the Group Reunions and Ultreyas.
• Are actively evangelizing their environments, leading others to Christ.

The School of Leaders is a Group Reunion of leaders who gather periodically in order to become a community and share, carry out, and evaluate its service to the Movement.  Leaders are not the chiefs or masters, but the promoters and guardians of the entire community.

Topics for discussion at the School should include: Growth in Christian community, spirituality, methodology, doctrine, formation, history of the Cursillo and its Founders, and the Cursillo mentality, as well as understanding the 3 phases of the Cursillo Method.

Round roosterStructure of the School Sessions No precise format has been designed, but should include:
1. Meeting begins with the Prayer to the Holy Spirit
2. Leaders Group Reunion with Service Sheet/Leaders Reunion Sheet
3. A layperson speaks of individual techniques or of the Cursillo
4. A priest expounds the essential and interesting part of the doctrine
5. Sections planning- helps leaders keep in touch with 3 parts of the Movement
6. Announcements- diocesan, regional, national announcements
7. Ends with Prayer of Thanksgiving and visit to the Blessed Sacrament,
conducted by the School Spiritual Director, at the end of the meeting

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