Group Reunion

There are several forms of Group Reunions that support the Cursillistas in both their personal Christian life and the focused activities that reach beyond the Cursillo Community.

Reunion of Friends is an ongoing group that builds up the individual Cursillista through the sharing of piety, study and action as a group of supportive friends.

Environmental Groups are groups of Christians that gather to sanctify and evangelize their shared environment or common cause. We do this by putting into practice “make a friend, be a friend, and bring a friend to Christ,” thereby establishing and expanding environmental groups.

Reunion of Leaders are groups of Christian Leaders who meet together to enrich the Christian program, organization or cause that they commit their time and talent to. This is accomplished through prayer, planning and ongoing support of each other.

Focus Group is a group that comes together for a specific purpose and length of time.


The purpose of the Ultreya is to build unity and perseverance in the community through the sharing of piety, study and action, followed by witnessing and discussion. The Ultreya also provides a place for new people to make friendships, to join or form Group Reunions. Ultreya’s are regularly held in several NH communities. Annual state wide Ultreya’s are held to bring the NH communities together. Ultreya’s are open to all Catholics.